Monster Lab Huggy

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Ready for extreme adventures with legendary monsters? Then, welcome to Monster Lab: Strange Run! Your first character will be Hagi Wagi. This monster from the poppy Playtime toy factory is familiar to everyone from the game of the same name, which has become a favorite for many of us. And now we ourselves can try on the role of an antagonist and arrange a cool race.

The main goal of the game is to run through the entire laboratory and completely modify the person so that he turns into a monster. To do this, go through all the green gates with the image of parts of the monster's body. Thus, by the end of the journey, your hero will turn into a full-fledged nightmare creature. Also, while running, collect a green substance. Having accumulated a certain amount of this virus, you can open access to a new creation. But that's not all. At the finish line you have to fight with another monster and prove your power. Let everyone know who is number 1 here!


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