Fancy Diver

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Divers are people who dive professionally under water. the world of underwater inhabitants and all the beauties of the seabed are open to them. Despite all the romance of this profession, it is fraught with many dangers and risks. After all, everyone who wants to become a professional diver should know that this profession requires a strong character and excellent reaction, but logical thinking is not in the last place here. In the cool game "Fancy Diver" you are lucky enough to dive deep under the water. The aim of the game is to help the divers who are trapped in the coral reefs to go back and breathe in the air deeply. To remove all the necessary blocks, you need to click on the squares of the same color, of which there will be more than two, and then they will disappear. You need to count on a few moves ahead, so as not to be trapped in death. Also, bonuses will be hidden in the corals. They will help you get out faster.

You need to count on a few moves ahead.


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