Erase it Girl

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"Wipe Her" is a fun puzzle game where you can pump your wits and recharge your mood for the whole day. The main character will be a charming girl. This beauty has a special gift to get into trouble and arise in the epicenter of not the most cheerful events. This time you have to help her overcome all the difficulties that await her in the new adventure. Ready? Then, welcome to the game "Wipe Her". It will become not only a killer of free time, but also an excellent logic simulator for children 10-12 years old.a

Before you begin, choose one of seven stories, among which: time travel, escape, perfect love, prom battle, werewolf crisis, escape from a room, and a survival diary. Each story will take you to a fun adventure, where you must help the girl get out of another trouble. To do this, erase different parts of the game using your intuition and ingenuity. Enjoy the game and good luck!


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